What's your favorite song(s) on the new project (Brian's Opus)? Any ideas for new works? Your feedback is highly welcomed and encouraged. Email Bookings (brian.datrumpet1@yahoo.com) - All the Best!

Brian Hunter

Columbia, SC

Wonderful to see how the early exposure to music at home,church and school prepared you well for this stage of your life! Your new release "King" is such a wonderful tribute to your late Grandfather,King David. It is very soothing to the soul:). May God keep blessing you in this endeavor! 1.10.16

Two Biggest Fans (M&D)

Hampton, VA

Must buy groove. Kids love it! 12.31.15

VyseStylez (iTunes Review)

Awesome Music. Rich, Smooth, Annointed. This one will stay at the top of my playlist. 12.31.15

Thomas H. (Amazon.com Review)

New Bern, NC

Very elegant, classical and soothing. Pleasing to the soul!  12.29.15

Buttacream71 (iTunes Review)

Montross, VA

I have listened to Brian's playlist and I should say that I was amazed by what I listened to! I have always loved listening to jazz whenever I study. I definitely recommend Brian's song if you are seeking relaxation wherever you are and whatever you are doing. 11.27.15 

Rami A.

Columbia, SC

Just purchased my cousin Brian Hunter's Single "King" in honor of our granddad King David Fulton. It's pretty cool to see the fam on iTunes and bring back the nostalgia of philosophical talks in the midst of a smoked room and tales of "Clemcadoolop" in the Virginian dog days of summer.... 10.27.15

Brad P.

Charlotte, NC

Downloaded my copy last wk I'm in luv with it and my coworkers are too!  10.26.15

Kemyst W.

Atlanta, GA

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