Brian Hunter is an aspiring jazz trumpeter from Columbia, SC. His sound is influenced by great trumpeters like Miles Davis, Herb Alpert and Christian Scott. His musical roots started in Hampton, VA when at the age of 10, he began taking piano lessons from the late and great Myrtle Taylor; the trumpet was also embraced around this timeframe. Over the past two decades, he has ascended through the ranks of several musical ensembles spanning from academia, the church and jazz arenas. His compositions are a fusion of his love for jazz, gospel, classical, alternative and neo-soul music. He finds depth in the simple things in life and we are sure you will find the same with his smooth and soulful sound. His debut jazz project "Brian's Opus" is eclectic - a fusion between jazz and several genres. "Buoyant State" is sure to put kick in your drive with its funk bass line and triumphant horn lines! The track entitled, “King” is a tribute to his belated grandfather. It takes you on a journey from where you are to where you long to be. Not only will you enjoy the soothing and soulful sounds of Brian on trumpet, but you will enjoy his balanced and complimentary style of play on piano. There is a sound for everyone!


Brian's Opus - Brian Hunter 

Album Released July 19,2016

Arranged and Composed (10) original tracks

*First Jazz Project/ feats.:

- Eric Phillips (drums/ percussion)

- Kenny McWilliams (mix/ mastering; acoustic/ bass/ electric guitar; Archer Avenue Studios)

*Available on iTunes, CDBaby, GooglePlay and multiple digital media outlets.

Matt Holmes - Youth Model 
Album Released July 30,2013 

Arranged and recorded horn lines (trumpet) for (2) tracks:

"Better Way"

"The Visitor (Reprise)" 

Album Released July 30,2013 (12 tracks)
Music genre: Alternative/ rock.
*Available on iTunes or

"Happy" - Ms. Clarice (Debut EP)

Released 2.25.2012

 Arranged and played both piano and trumpet parts
- Clarice Julious (vocals)
- Fred Burrell (drums/ percussion)
- Kenny McWilliams (mix/mastering'; bass/ electric guitar; Archer Avenue Studios)

* Available for purchase on iTunes:

Dream Team Band - Unspoken Melodies (Debut EP)

Released 9.2011

James Adams/ Artie Porter, Jr./ Korey Maryland/ Anthony Flowers/ Fred Burrell/ Bryon Johnson/ Brian Hunter

*Arranged and performed horn (trumpet) lines for (2) two smooth jazz instrumentals on EP release.

"Clean Heart"



The Brook Church Band

Upscale Music Group

H.J.P. (Harmonious Jazz Players)

Bibleway Church of Atlas Road "Dream Team" Band

Radford COGIC 

Enlightened Gospel Choir of Virginia Tech 

Virginia Tech Jazz Ensemble

Phoebus HS (Concert/ Jazz/ Marching Bands)